Potencias de 10 -Astronomía

Un video que nos muestra lo pequeños que somos comparados con el universo. Y lo grandes que somos comparados con lo minúsculo. La serie de fotos inicia en 10 metros elevado a la más 23 hasta 10 metros elevado a la menos 15. El mensaje de este video debería estar presente siempre en nuestra conciencia. Asombroso.

This video I made from the java animation you can find at: http://www.micro.magnet.fsu…
can make you have deep thoughts regarding our acts on this little blue sphere called Planet Earth. We’re such great beings but at the same time so infinitely small comparing to the vastness of the universe which makes us realize the big stupidities and bestialities some of the so called human beings are capable of. We should stop looking to our own navels, by this I mean to stop worring only with our own so «great» and «important» things and see the greatness of our planet, of the universe, of our people! Lets stop killing each other for no reason or for such small things, for the so called «power» or «right» religion or «right» political view, «right» this «wrong» that… Even if it was for «bigger» reasons these acts wouldn’t justify themselves. There is such a great abundance to everyone that it doesnt make sense at all the bad stuff we see around. Thats what I think. Watch this video and think! … (more)

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